Ohaus Explorer EX223E/EX423E Precision 3-Place Balance

Capacities of 220 or 420g, offering three decimal place precision (1mg).

Product Code

30061979 & 30061980


Lead time varies. Please call for details


The Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance(EX223/E, EX423/E), accurate to three decimal places (1 mg), features capacities of 220g and 420g with external calibration. The modular design allows placing the control/display panel in front of, to the side of, or above the balance, offering greater flexibility. The internal memory stores data of all measurements, time and system changes, facilitating easy transfer to a USB for accurate record-keeping. Communication options include Ethernet (available as an accessory), USB (included), and RS232 (included).

For the 3-decimal place Adventurer Analytical series balances, you can choose between capacities of 220, or 420 g. Make your selection from the drop-down menu above.

Features of the Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance(EX223/E, EX423/E):

  • Capacity options: 220, or 420 g (Choose from drop down menu above).
  • Accurate to three decimal places (1 mg) Click here for four decimal place version of this balance.
  • Fast stabilisation time within 1.5 seconds enhances productivity in laboratory.
  • 5.7″ full-colour VGA touch-screen and 13 cm stainless steel weighing pan.
  • Secure logins prevent unauthorized changes; internal memory records measurements against time and settings.
  • Transfer data log to USB or optional printer; internal log uneditable, ideal for regulated settings.
  • Frameless draft shield for easy access.
  • Effortlessly change measurement units in 14 operating languages to suit your application or preference.


Useful links:

Datasheet – Ohaus Explorer Balance

User Manual – Ohaus Explorer Balance


Additional information

Weight9.6 kg
Dimensions38.5 × 55 × 55.1 cm


EX223/E, EX423/E



Capacity (g)

220, 420


Three decimal places (1 mg)

Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Datasheet – Ohaus Explorer Balance

User Manual – Ohaus Explorer Balance

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