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Novaprep NPS 25 Sample Processor

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The Novaprep NPS 25 is a complete automation system for liquid-based cytology. It is specifically designed for cervical cancer screening such as HPV testing, and other non-gynaecological cancer diagnostics. The processor fully automates the process from sample to cytology slide in one platform.

Features of the Novaprep NPS 25:

  • Capacity for 16 vials
  • Process up to 20 slides per hour
  • Suitable for gyn and non-gyn sample types
  • Barcode reader
  • Automatic decontamination process (decontamination solution required but not included)


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External link: Validation of Novaprep® HQ+ liquid-based cytology medium for high-risk human papillomavirus detection by hc2

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Weight50 kg
Dimensions67 × 68 × 56 cm


Novaprep NPS 25




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