Air Science Purair PCR 48 Laminar Flow Cabinet

Vertical laminar flow cabinet, specifically designed for PCR amplification

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The Purair PCR-48 workstation from Air Science is a laminar flow cabinet, suitable for PCR amplification handlings that are extremely sensitive to contamination. This ductless cabinet uses vertical laminar air flow and filters to provide a high level of protection across the entire workspace. Additionally, the cabinet has functionality to include a UV light for complete decontamination of the station. The cabinet helps minimise cross contamination  during reagent and sample preparation and amplification. The PCR-48 is the largest of the PCR laminar flow cabinets, providing plenty of workspace, plus room for equipment, if required.

How does it work? Air from the lab enters via the top of the cabinet through the disposable pre-filter. This is where larger particles are trapped, increasing the service life of the main HEPA filter. Air is then forced across the HEPA filter to deliver a flow of pure air within the work zone to dilute and flush airborne contaminants from the work area. An average airflow velocity of 0.30 m/s (60 fpm) helps to eliminate cross-contamination and to maintain optimum cleanliness. Purified air travels across the work zone to the work surface in a vertical downflow stream and then exits the work zone across the open cabinet front.

Features of the PCR-48 Laminar Flow Cabinet:

  • Airflow: Vertical
  • Airflow direction: Downflow
  • 360 visibility with UV-absorbing polycarbonate windows
  • Integrated lighting
  • Fitting for UV, if required
  • Easily replace prefilter and filter
  • Simple control panel features on/off switch for fan, light and UV timer
  • Fan: High performance EC fan
  • Convenient rear wall pass-through ports for safe routing of instrument cords, cables and leads
  • Ergonomic angled front for improved reach and comfort
  • Stand: Not included. Contact us to order separately.
  • External measurements (H x W x D): 88.9 x 152.4 x 101.6 cm


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Weight75 kg
Dimensions68 × 123 × 88 cm






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Purair PCR Brochure

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