Nabertherm Muffle Furnace 1100

  • Maximum temperature: 1100 C
  • Choose lift or flap door
  • Capacity options: 3, 5, 9, 15, 24 or 40 L

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Lead time: Usually 4-6 weeks


The 1100 muffle furnaces from Nabertherm come in a range of sizes to suit every lab. The furnaces can be fitted with either a lift or flap door, depending on the requirements and preference of the user (more below). The 1100 muffle furnace reaches a maximum of 1100°C, with heating elements positioned for optimal temperature uniformity. Choose from a range of sizes, to suit the needs of most applications, from just 3 L, right up to the large 40 L muffle furnace chambers.

Features of the Nabertherm 1100 Muffle Furnace

  • Maximum temperature: 1100°C
  • Ceramic heating plates (on two sides up to 15 L / three sides from 24 L)
  • Type N thermocouple
  • Ceramic heating plates with heating elements can be independently replaced, if needed
  • Lift door or flap door to suit your requirements
  • Stainless steel dual shell housing for low exterior surface temperature
  • Exhaust air outlet in rear wall of chamber
  • Standard B510 controller allows five four-segment programs
  • Real time clock display
  • Full colour touchscreen display
  • Keypad lock and user levels, reducing user error
  • User can set program start time
  • Connect to WiFi to link with MyNabertherm App
    (Read more about the app, or download it here)


Do you need the lift door or flap door?

The lift door slides upwards, keeping the heated surface away from the user, and minimising the amount of bench space required. The flap door drops down, providing a work platform for the user while loading or unloading samples. Keep in mind that the lift door requires suitable space above the unit for the door to open fully. The flap door needs to be placed on a sufficiently large bench to support the door while it is open


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Can’t see what you’re looking for on our website? At Richmond Scientific, we’re always on hand to discuss the most suitable lab equipment for your application, and we can often source equipment not listed on the site. Give us a call to talk about which muffle furnace you need in your lab on 01257 270 433. Not quite what you need? Take a look at the Nabertherm 1400 for a greater maximum temperature, or grab a deal on second hand muffle furnaces.

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Weight20 kg



Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 4-6 weeks


Nabertherm Furnace Catalogue

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