Molecular Devices Versamax Microplate Reader

The Molecular Devices VersaMax Microplate Reader is a high-performance laboratory instrument designed for fast and accurate measurements allowing for selection of up to two wavelengths at a time for absorbance detection in the visible wavelength range (340 nm – 850 nm)

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The Molecular Devices VersaMax Microplate Reader is a tunable absorbance monochromator-based system. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, the VersaMax is the perfect choice for a wide range of research, pharmaceutical, and biotech applications.

The VersaMax Microplate Reader features a highly sensitive photomultiplier tube (PMT) and advanced optical system that allows for rapid and accurate measurement of a wide range of assays, including ELISAs, enzyme activity assays, and cell-based assays. The device also includes a variety of filters and optics that can be easily configured to meet specific application requirements.

The VersaMax features an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows for easy programming and control of all essential parameters, including wavelength, bandwidth, and gain. The device also includes a variety of advanced features, such as temperature control, shaking, and kinetics measurements, that allow for highly precise and reproducible results.

The device is highly customizable and can be configured with a variety of accessories, including different types of plates, filters, and readers, allowing it to adapt to specific applications and requirements. The VersaMax is also compatible with a range of data analysis software, making it easy to analyse and interpret data.


Download the Operating Manual for the Molecular Devices Versamax Microplate Reader

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VersaMax Absorbance Microplate Reader



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