Faster SCS 2-4 Evo Biological Safety Cabinet

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The Faster SCS 2-4 Evo is a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet designed to protect operator and environment from microbial contamination hazards, whilst protecting the workspace and valuable samples from contamination. With a HEPA filter for fine particulate filtration, optimum airflow laminarity is ensured on the work surface due to the even perforation and the frontal air barrier.

The 2-4 Evo is suitable for a broad range of applications within microbiology. The unit features integrated internal power sockets allowing for the inclusion of additional equipment such as balances or shakers. A UV bulb is not included, but can easily be added to allow for UV sterilisation of the workspace, which can be run on a timer if needed.

Features of the Faster SCS 2-4 Evo Class 2 Cabinet:

  • Low noise level: <54db
  • Easy to use control panel with LED display
  • Electronic sliding front sash
  • LED lights indicate ventilation level
  • Fluorescent lamps ensure optimum visibility
  • Removeable work surface sections allow easy cleaning and sterilisation of whole work surface
  • Display historical event files easily
  • UV Timer (bulb not included)
  • 2 Power sockets for use with a range of monitoring or process equipment
  • HEPA Filter
  • Power: 1310W
  • 230V AC
  • IP 20


Download the Faster SCS 2-4 Evo User Manual Here

Additional information

Weight195 kg
Dimensions86 × 135 × 150 cm


SCS 2-4




30 days (Richmond Promise)


 Faster SCS 2-4 Evo User Manual Here

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