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A&D Ion BM Series Micro Balances

BM-5 (5.2g), and BM-5D (5.2/2.1g Dual Capacity) models available.


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The A&D Ion BM Series Micro Balances are designed for repeatable and reliable measurements in areas where accuracy is key. The balances feature a built in ioniser to remove charge from samples before measuring, to ensure an accurate result, and better stabilisation. They have integrated internal calibration to ensure accurate readings, and automatically recalibrates when changes in ambient temperature are detected. The fan-less, integrated, direct current ionizer eliminates static and comes standard on all BM models. The automatic response adjustment function is powered by the embedded sensors to deliver fast and stable results to compensate for environmental variables such as temperature, humidity, vibration, and atmosphere.

The BM-5D model is a dual capacity balance. Balances that feature dual capacity can automatically weigh samples at the best readability available, depending on the mass of the sample. For example, this particular model can weigh up to 5.2g at 0.01mg readability and up to 2.1g at 0.001mg readability. The single capacity BM-5 model has a 0.001mg readability.

Features of the A&D Ion BM Series Micro Balances:

  • Internal calibration with auto-self calibration feature to adjust for temperature variations, ensuring consistent measurements
  • Standard RS232C allows for easy system integration
  • Easy ION switch allows built-in fan-less internal ionizer to neutralize electrostatically charged objects instantly at no additional costs
  • Large breeze chamber is flexible enough to adjust to all sample vessels small or large
  • Anti-static glass coating blocks outside electrical interferences
  • Auto response adjustment allows balance to auto or manually stabilize FAST, MID, SLOW depending on draft &vibration influences
  • Built in environmental sensors monitor and display the temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure
  • Illuminated back-mounted spirit level bubble helps reduce levelling time and increase accuracy & precision
  • One touch Full Digital Calibration (internal & external) ensures balance is calibrated onsite for the best performance
  • Data Memory up to 200 points
  • GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant reports with Manufacturer, Model, Serial, Balance ID, Time/Date, Mass Std, Signature space
  • Comes standard with USB and RS-232C with Optional Bluetooth and LAN Ethernet Interface with WinCT-Plus software
  • AD1688 Data Logger hand held device allows storage up to 5,000 pt with time/date and direct output via USB

Download user manual for A&D Ion BM Series Balances

Additional information

Weight24 kg
Dimensions86 × 69 × 63 cm


BM-300, BM-5, BM-500, BM-5D, BM Series




2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

Capacity (g)

5.2, 5.2/2.1 (Dual)


User manual for A&D Ion BM Series Balances

Brochure for A&D Ion BM Series Balances

Data sheet for A&D Ion BM Series Balances

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