A&D GX & GF-12001M Precision 1-Place Balance

A capacity of 12.2 kg and readability of 0.1 g, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

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Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


The A&D GX & GF-12001M Precision balance boasts a capacity of 12.2kg and 0.1g readability. Additionally, the Impact Shock Detector feature visually represents impact shocks on the weight sensor at four levels and logs up to 50 impacts. Self-calibration and Precision Assessment maintain accuracy by adjusting for temperature changes and enabling one-key internal calibration. RS-232C is used for both data output and command reception from the PC, printer, and data logger.

The applicable calibration weight value for the balance ranges from 5kg and 10kg, and the power supply connected via an AC adapter, is approximately 30VA. In FAST mode, the stabilisation time is 1.5 seconds for a 0.1g minimum unit mass when counting samples of 10,25,50, or 100 pieces. In percent mode, readability varies (0.01%, 0.1% or 1%) based on the stored reference mass, which is set at 10g for 100%.

Features of A&D GX & GF-12001M Precision Balance:

  • Capacity of 12.2 kg and 0.1 g readability.
  • Internal calibration with GX-M Series, External calibration with the GF-M Series
  • Pan Size: 210 x 270 mm
  • IP65 dust and water resistance according to IEC/EN 60529 standards.
  • The Flow Rate Display feature assists in accurately calculating and recording flow rates more easily.
  • User access control enhances safety, while adhering to GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO standards ensures documentation compliance.
  • This device includes auto power On and Off, data memory, statistical calculations, and a five-level comparator with a buzzer.
  • Under hook for magnetic material weighing and density measurement.
  • Manufacturer warranty included.


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See Brochure Here

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Additional information

Weight9.3 kg
Dimensions35.5 × 30 × 11.1 cm


GF-12001M, GX-12001M




12.2 kg


0.1 g

Pan Size

27 X 21 cm

Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


4 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


See Brochure Here

See Manual Here

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