A&D BM-300 Series Analytical 4-Place Balance

The micro analytical BM 300 series balance accurately displays mass up to 320 g with a precision of 0.1 mg.

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The A&D BM-300 is a micro analytical balance, designed for repeatable and reliable measurements in areas where accuracy is key. The balance includes a built-in ionizer that removes charge from samples prior to measurement, ensuring accurate results and improved stabilization. The balance provides accurate readings and automatically recalibrates based on ambient temperature changes, thanks to its integrated internal calibration. The BM-300 series balance performs automatic calibration when detecting changes in ambient temperature, and users can also utilize the convenient one-touch calibration function whenever needed.

The BM-300 series has a built in fanless ioniser that reduces static on the sample, resulting in more stable measurements when using easily charged containers such as disposable weighing boats or plastic centrifuge containers. It also features a percent mode which allows the user to easily measure the weight of a sample as a percentage of a 100 % reference mass – this can be useful for target weighting, or checking sample variance, easily without having to carry out additional calculations.

Features of the A&D BM-300 Series Balance:

  • Balance displays mass to 0.1 mg to 320g.
  • 90 mm pan diameter is sufficient for most applications.
  • Approximate stabilisation time of 3.5 seconds.
  • Internal memory records weighing value, calibration result, multiple unit mass.
  • Integrated clock and calendar allows stored data to be output alongside date and time.
  • Internal calibration weight ensures the balance remains accurate, and reduces time spent calibrating the unit.
  • Display cover ensures the display and control unit remains free of accidental spillages or dust (removeable for cleaning)
  • Includes USB data logger, tweezers for calibration weight, dust cover, and AC adapter.
  • Connect the balance to a Windows PC via USB to import the data log directly into a Word or Excel file.
  • The unit can run automatic repeatability tests on its own calibration weight.
  • Optional password lock function limits who can use the balance, or make changes to the settings.
  • Manufacturer warranty included.


Download the BM-300 User Manual for complete technical specifications, and user guide

Download A&D BM series brochure



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New (ex demo)


320 g


0.1 mg

Weighing Pan

90 mm


3 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Download the BM-300 User Manual for complete technical specifications, and user guide

Download A&D BM series brochure


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