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New and used lab ovens

At Richmond Scientific, we stock a wide range of new and used laboratory ovens from brands including Memmert, Gallenkamp, Binder and Pol-Eko.

Ovens have different temperature ranges depending on their intended application, can be vacuum, nitrogen blowing, convection or fan assisted. They come in a wide range of sizes.

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samples for testing in the laboratory. soil samples for moisture content test in oven

What are ovens used for in a laboratory?

Many different labs use ovens, for a rang of different applications. Environmental, biological, chemical and clinical labs might all use ovens for drying samples before further analysis or development; while industrial development and production labs might use them for baking, curing or annealing, depending on the application. Some labs might use ovens for materials testing. Due to their high temperatures they can also be used effectively for sterilisation of equipment.

What are the different types of lab ovens?

Drying ovens are widely used in a range of laboratories. They may be vacuum ovens, or nitrogen blowing. Nitrogen blowing ovens also have applications in development and testing of materials, where air needs to be removed completely.

Ovens may have different temperature ranges depending on what they are being used for. Ovens used for sterilisation must reach a minimum of 160 °C. Meanwhile, high temperature ovens reach temperatures over 500 °C and are generally used in aerospace development and testing, though they do have other uses.

Fan assisted and convection ovens are useful for rapid heating, where it is ideal to have a uniform distribution of heat throughout the chamber.

Binder Vacuum Oven

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