Vaccine Safety with Arctiko Refrigeration Solutions

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As flu season approaches, the importance of vaccination becomes paramount. Healthcare providers gear up to administer vaccines to patients, young and old, in the battle against the flu. Read about how Arctiko medical refrigerators are designed to offer optimum accuracy and reliablility.

Why Proper Vaccine Storage Matters

Vaccines are highly sensitive and their effectiveness hinges on precise temperature control. Failing to store and handle vaccines within specific temperature ranges can compromise their potency, leading to inadequate immune responses in patients and reduced protection against diseases.

In the 2022/23 season, over 21 million flu vaccines were distributed in the UK alone. Without doubt, this underscores the immense responsibility of storing these vaccines properly. Failure to do so can result in increased healthcare costs, reduced immunisation coverage, and a heightened risk of disease outbreaks.

Choosing a Dedicated Laboratory Refrigerator

Selecting the right refrigerator is the linchpin of safe vaccine storage. Household refrigerators, designed for everyday food storage, lack the precision temperature control required for vaccines. In contrast, medical refrigerators, such as those offered by Arctiko, are engineered with meticulous care to maintain temperatures consistently within a narrow window, typically between +2°C and +8°C (or 36°F to 46°F).

Essential Features in Medical Refrigeration

Patient safety must always take precedence. For this reason, medical fridges are equipped with security features. These often include locks and access controls to restrict unauthorised access, ensuring that only authorised personnel can reach the contents.

Furthermore, medical refrigerators offer a choice between solid and glass doors. Solid doors provide enhanced insulation and protect against light exposure, which can harm certain medications and vaccines. Glass doors, on the other hand, offer visibility without the need to open the fridge, reducing temperature fluctuations and ensuring easy access to items.

Now picture this scenario: the temperature inside a medical fridge begins to deviate from the optimal range. It’s a subtle change, but it could spell disaster for the vaccines. This is where the fridge alert system comes to the rescue, immediately alerting staff to temperature deviations. Undeniably, this early warning system enables swift responses to temperature issues, safeguarding the integrity of the vaccines.

Ensue Correct Vaccine Storage

While the use of medical refrigeration is imperative, proper stocking practices are equally vital. When placing vaccines in the refrigerator, ensure there’s ample space for air circulation (approximately 50%). Avoid placing vaccines near the fridge’s side or back walls to prevent freezing. Rotate vaccine stock to prioritise those with the shortest expiry dates, ensuring they are used first. Lastly, vaccines must be stored in their original packaging to shield them from prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light, which can cause a loss of potency.

The Importance of Temperature Monitoring

Achieving accuracy is best done through a temperature data logger, a device capable of recording temperature over time. These loggers are invaluable investments, as they are more cost-effective than replacing vaccines due to inaccurate storage temperatures. Digital data loggers provide the most accurate results because they indicate how long the fridge has been outside the correct storage temperature range.

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This article was adapted from September 2023

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