Centrifuge Top Tips Part 2 – Correct Use and Safety

In the second instalment of our Centrifuge Top Tips Series, we explore the intricacies of proper use and safety considerations. This article provides indispensable insights for laboratory users, ensuring optimal results every time.

CO2 Incubators: Benefits and Best Practices

Scientist putting samples into a co2 incubator

A key factor in successful cell culture experiments is the environment in which cells grow. CO2 incubators have revolutionised cell culture by providing precise control over temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels, creating an ideal and stable growth environment.

Can FT-IR be used for Quantitative Analysis?

FTIR and computer showing quantitative analysis

FTIR spectroscopy is a versatile analytical technique known for its ability to provide valuable insights into the composition of various materials. While its primary role is often associated with qualitative analysis, FTIR can absolutely be used for quantitative analysis as well.