10 Energy Saving Tips for Lab Managers

As a lab manager, you play a crucial role in optimising your laboratory’s energy efficiency while maintaining high research standards. By implementing energy-saving strategies, you can reduce operational costs, minimise environmental impact, and contribute to a sustainable future.

Can FT-IR be used for Quantitative Analysis?

FTIR and computer showing quantitative analysis

FTIR spectroscopy is a versatile analytical technique known for its ability to provide valuable insights into the composition of various materials. While its primary role is often associated with qualitative analysis, FTIR can absolutely be used for quantitative analysis as well.

Reducing the energy used by ULT freezers in the lab

Photo of frozen blood samplers

Today we’re turning the spotlight up on ultra-low temperature freezers. They are energy intensive pieces of kit, found in thousands of laboratories around the world, and while they’re absolutely vital for a large number of applications, there are things we can do to collectively reduce the amount of energy they consume.

The 2022 Freezer Challenge is now LIVE!

Freezer Challenge Logo

Have you signed up to the 2022 Freezer Challenge, run by My Green Lab? If you haven’t heard about it, it’s a free challenge in which thousands of scientists around the world work to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their costs of cold storage. Get ideas here for reducing the energy used by your laboratory freezer.

Lab sustainability – Small changes can make a big difference

Environmentally friendly lab stock image

We are all rapidly becoming more aware of the effect our daily actions have on the environment. Many of us are recycling more, and making changes to the way we live; so why should our labs not be subject to the same scrutiny? Even small changes can make a big difference to your lab sustainability.