Thermo Scientific Locator 4 Plus Cryogenic Storage Vessel

The Thermo Scientific Locator 4 Plus Storage vessel is a cryogenic storage vessel can hold up to 121 litres of liquid nitrogen to keep sample vials safe and has a capacity to store 4 stainless steel racks with a total of 4000x 2ml sample vials with a static nitrogen volume holding time of 122 days.


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This Thermo Scientific Locator 4 Plus Cryogenic Storage vessel is a valuable tool for laboratories, hospitals and research facilities, that need to store large quantities of liquid nitrogen. It able to maintain outstanding temperature uniformity keeping samples under -180C. Thanks to its design, it minimises space requirements and maximises storage capacity.

The advanced vacuum insulation minimises the liquid nitrogen evaporation, therefore reducing operating costs. Due to the naturally sourced nitrogen gas used, there are no halogenated hydrocarbon refrigerants needed,  therefore there are no greenhouse gas concerns.

 Features of Thermo Scientific Locator 4 Plus Storage vessel 

  • Samples are stored below -180°C even with less than 2 in. (5cm) of liquid nitrogen level in the vessel
  • Low liquid nitrogen level indicator
  • Compact design
  • Easy sample retrieval with minimum liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Intermittent warning alarm if nitrogen level falls below 1 inch
  • Low power consumption
  • Advanced vacuum insulation for low cost operation
  • Lockable lid for enhanced sample security
  • LN2 Capacity: 121 L
  • 2 mL vials Per Box: 100
  • Total of 2 mL Vial Capacity (full unit) 4000
  • Static Holding Time of nitrogen volume: 122 days
  • Operation Manual included

The 4 Stainless-steel indexed racks provided fit into corresponding locations in the vessel. Each rack has individual storage compartments that hold one storage box, designed for use with 2 in. (5 cm) Nalgene cryogenic boxes to hold the sample vials.


Download Product Brochure for Thermo Scientific Locator 4 Plus Cryogenic Storage Vessel


Additional information

Weight50 kg
Dimensions56 × 110 cm


Locator 4 Plus




30 days (Richmond Promise)


Product Brochure for Thermo Scientific Locator 4 Plus Cryogenic Storage Vessel

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