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Thermo Nicolet IS10 FTIR Spectrometer

High quality all-round FT-IR instrument, suitable for identification and analysis of polymers, pharmaceuticals, food additives, and more. Installation and training available

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The Nicolet iS10 FT-IR spectrometer is a complete infrared spectroscopy instrument, with a wide range of applications in R&D, quality control and forensics. The iS10 can be used for identification and verification of most organic materials including plastics, rubbers, adhesives, solvents, paints, resins, food additives and pharmaceuticals.

The iS10 has been designed for the ease of use and reliability. The FTIR system includes a PC with OMNIC software installed, allowing the user to plug-and-play with little setup required. If needed, we can offer complete installation and training for you and your team.

Features of the Nicolet iS10 FTIR:

  • Smart iTR Diamond accessory can be used for analysis of solids, liquids, pastes and gels
  • Smart accessories can be easily changed to suit the user
  • DTGS detector provides high sensitivity
  • KBr beam splitter covers 4000 – 400 cm-1 wavelength range
  • Ge window for excellent transmission across a wide spectrum
  • Desiccant indicator prompts the user to replace desiccant when required
  • Installation and training available, if required


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Dimensions52 × 52 × 25 cm


iS 10




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Nicolet IS10 FTIR Brochure

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