SEMI-GAS 3 Cylinder Semi Automatic Gas Cabinet

Ultra high purity gas delivery system for rigorous needs in specialized applications.

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The SEMI-GAS 3 Cylinder Semi Automatic Gas Cabinet is engineered to meet the demanding requirements of specialised applications where ultra high purity gas delivery is essential. This cabinet serves as a reliable solution for safely dispensing hazardous process gases while maintaining rigorous control and monitoring capabilities.

At its core, the cabinet integrates advanced features such as the AS-200 Automatic Switchover Module and an Auto Purge M Gas Safety Monitor, ensuring precise and secure gas dispensation. Clear LED status indicators provide constant feedback on system performance, while the cabinet actively monitors critical parameters including flow rates, pressure levels, exhaust conditions, and fire sensors.

Ease of operation is facilitated through an intuitive interface and control system, streamlining management tasks for operators. Continuous monitoring of system conditions allows the cabinet to promptly detect and respond to alarms as they arise. In the event of an alarm, the cabinet initiates an automatic shutdown procedure to mitigate potential risks, thereby enhancing overall safety.

The cabinet has self-closing and self-latching doors, enhancing security and preventing unauthorised access to the gas supply. These features make the SEMI-GAS Gas Cabinet a robust choice for environments requiring strict safety protocols and precise control with hazardous gases.


Features of SEMI-GAS 3 Cylinder Semi Automatic Gas Cabinet:

  • AS-200 Automatic Switchover Module
  • Auto Purge M Gas Safety Monitor
  • Safely dispenses hazardous process gases
  • LED lights indicate system status
  • Monitors flow, pressure, exhaust and fire sensors
  • Intuitive operating interface and controls
  • Continuously monitors system conditions for alarms
  • Remote outputs for system status and/or shutdown
  • Automatic shutdown in the case of an alarm trip
  • Self-Closing and Self-Latching door


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Dimensions50 × 100 × 220 cm


Three Cylinder Semi Automatic

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