Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Dual Capacity Balance

Capacity options: 82 g, 52/120 g (dual) or 82/220 g (dual) with 0.1 mg readability

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The Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro balance accurately measures samples to five decimal places. It is simple and intuitive to use, with four quick-keys on the front of the unit and a large wide-angle LCD screen displaying the measurements plus additional user prompts. Data can be transferred to a USB device easily, or the balance can be connected to a PC using the RS-232 port on the rear of the unit. The Pioneer features internal calibration, saving valuable user time. This balance is designed to offer precise semi-micro weighing, in a simple no-frills unit. Use the built-in ioniser bar at the top of the draught shield to minimise inconsistencies due to static, ensuring accurate and repeatable results.

Features of the Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Balance:

  • Capacity options: 82 g (5 dp), 52/120 g (dual), or 82/220 g (dual) – Choose from drop down menu above
  • 0.1 mg readability
  • Minimum weight: 8.2 mg
  • Precision: Dual range: 5 decimal places (0.01 mg) for fine range, 4 decimal places (0.01 mg) for full range. The 82 g capacity version gives 5 decimal place precision across the full range.
  • Backlit LCD screen displays mass, plus user prompts
  • Static removal bar integrated into frame
  • RS-232 and USB ports on rear of balance for connecting to PC, transferring data, or connecting to other equipment, such as a printer
  • 8 cm stainless steel pan
  • See datasheet below for full technical specifications


What does “dual range” mean?

Balances with a dual capacity can be set to “full range” or “fine range”. The full range is displayed at the lower precision. In this case the full range (120 g on the 52/120 option, and 220 g on the 82/220 option) is measured to 4 decimal places, displaying to 0.01 mg. The fine range has a smaller capacity, and is measured to the higher capacity. For this model, the 82 is measured to 5 decimal places, and the lower capacity of the dual range options is measured to 5 decimal places.

Choose a dual range balance if you need the finer precision for smaller sample sizes, but would also like the option of a higher capacity. When using the “full range” measurements are typically quicker than they would be when using the “fine range” option, giving you  more options in the lab, depending on what you need at any given time. If you’re not sure which balance you need for your lab, give our team a call on 01257 270 433.


Download Pioneer Datasheet

Download User Manual for Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Balance

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions20.9 × 32.1 × 30.9 cm


Pioneer Semi Micro




2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

Capacity (g)

82, 52/120, 82/220


5 decimal places (fine range) / 4 decimal places (full range)

Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details


 Pioneer Datasheet

User Manual for Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Balance

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