Ohaus Guardian 7000 Ceramic Hotplate-Stirrer

This durable digital OHAUS Guardian 7000 Ceramic Hotplate-Stirrer offers enhanced features and intelligent performance, with a speed range of 60 to 1600 rpm and a temperature range of 5°C to 500°C.

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The Ohaus Guardian 7000 Ceramic Hotplate-Stirrer is ideal for a wide range of applications across research, academia and industry with the capacity of 18 Litres. The unit features easy to use control knobs for temperature and stirring speed, with a backlit LCD display for each.

Features of the Ohaus Guardian 7000 Ceramic Hotplate-Stirrer:

  • Stirring speed between 60 to 1600 rpm, with user settable ramp rates
  • 25.4 x 25.4 cm ceramic plate with 18 Litres capacity
  • Includes 1.5″ PTFE coated stir bar
  • Temperature from ambient + 5 °C to 500 °C, with SmartHeat which allows the user to set a maximum temperature, preventing overheating of sensitive samples
  • Backlit LCD display for temperature and speed
  • SmartLink provides long-range user detection, and can safely turn off heating when a user is not nearby.
  • Easy to clean ceramic plate, which is ideal when working with corrosive substances. The white surface of the ceramic plate is preferred for applications such as quantitative chemical analysis, or other work where clear visibility of the sample is required
  • Integrated timer
  • Green indicator light shows when the unit is heating and stirring
  • Prominent hot top indicator light, shows the user at a glance whether the plate is hot
  • The unit is protected by SmartHousing, which keeps the control panel safe to touch, and channels spills away from the internal components
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty

Useful downloads

Ohaus Guardian Brochure

User Manual of Ohaus Guardian 7000 

Ohaus Guardian Quick Start Guide

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Weight5.2 kg
Dimensions41.5 × 28.6 × 12.3 cm


Guardian 7000




2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


18 Litres

Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details



Ohaus Guardian Brochure

Ohaus Guardian 7000 User Manual

Ohaus Guardian Quick Start Guide

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