Ohaus Explorer EX Series Precision 3-Place Balance

Capacity options: 220, 420, 620 or 1100 g, readability accurate to three decimal places (1 mg)

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Lead time varies. Please call for details


The Ohaus Explorer is a precision balance, accurate to 1 mg. The modular design means the control/display panel can be placed in front of, to the side of, or above the balance, offering greater flexibility. Internal memory stores data of all measurements, time and system changes, which can easily be transferred to a USB for easy and accurate record keeping.

Features of the Ohaus Explorer Precision Balance

  • Range of capacity options: 220, 420, 620 or 1100 g
  • Accurate to three decimal places (1 mg). (Click here for four decimal place version of this balance)
  • 5.7″ full colour touch-screen
  • Modular design means the control/display terminal can be set in front of the balance, used remotely on the benchtop, or mounted on a wall at eye-level
  • Password protected user logins prevent unauthorised changes to the settings
  • Internal memory records all measurements against time, as well as changes to settings
  • Data log can be easily transferred to a USB, or optional label printer (not included), for quick and reliable record keeping. The internal data log can not be edited, making it ideal for highly regulated applications
  • Frameless draft shield for easy access
  • 13 cm weighing pan
  • Quick, 2 second, stabilisation time
  • AutoCal automatic internal calibration means the unit is quick and easy to set up and maintain
  • Easily change the units of measurement, depending on your application or language
  • 14 operating languages
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty
  • See datasheet below for full technical specifications
  • Optional: EC Type approval for trade use


Useful downloads

Download Ohaus Explorer Balance Datasheet

Download Ohaus Explorer Balance User Manual

Additional information

Weight6.9 kg
Dimensions39.3 × 23 × 35 cm


Explorer (EX24/AD)




2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Three decimal places (1 mg)

Capacity (g)

220, 420, 620, 1100

EC Type Approval

Yes, No

Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details


Ohaus Explorer Balance Datasheet

Ohaus Explorer Balance User Manual

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