Milestone Start D Microwave Digestion System

Milestone microwave digester with a MULTIPREP-41 rotor that can quickly reach a maximum temperature of 200°C to perform digestion on a wide range of samples. Ideal for high throughput laboratories.

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The Milestone Start D Microwave Digestion System allows for quick, safe and simple microwave digestion with a maximum temperature of 300°C (depending on the rotor available). The Start D has a downward opening front door as well as a double-glass window making the Milestone a user friendly system. Even distribution is achieved with the Start D thanks to a microwave diffuser located above the microwave cavity. This will stop localised hot and cold areas.

The high thoroughput MULTIPREP-41 rotor can hold up to 41 vessels with a maximum volume of 65ml and maximum temperature of 200°C. Digestions can be performed on a wide range of samples such as sediments, soils & wastewater. A compact toucscreen control terminal can store reporting data and methods on its internal memory, all password protected to ensure maximum security.

Features of the Milestone Start D Microwave Digestion System:

  • Increased microwave power provides rapid vessel heating speed to the set temperature.
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel, rather than molded plastic, protects against samples and is easier for the user to clean.
  • Maximum temperature of 200°C with the MULTIPREP-41 rotor.
  • The MULTIPREP-41 rotor can hold 41 vessels.
  • Internal Dimensions: 34cm (L) x 36cm (W) x 33cm (H)
  • Double glass window provides easy viewing of the vessels.
  • The front door opens downwards facilitating easy access when loading the vessels.
  • Heavy duty air flow system quickly cools the vessels external sufaces.


Download the Milestone Microwave Digestion System Brochure

Additional information

Weight75 kg
Dimensions70 × 66 × 62 cm


30 days (Richmond Promise)




Start D


Download the Milestone Start D Microwave Digestion System Brochure

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