Malvern Mastersizer Hydro 2000MU & Scirocco 2000 Particle Analyser

The Mastersizer 2000 particle analyser with Scirocco measures the sample ranges from 0.02µm to 2000µm using a simple automation software to produce the accurate results with the help of SOP operating through Mie scattering measuring principle.

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Malvern Mastersizer Hydro 2000MU Particle Analyser is a user-friendly, reliable, and robust system for measuring particle size. It utilizes Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for laser diffraction particle sizing, ensuring consistent and accurate measurements. With its integrated design, the analyzer automates sample dispersion, instrument control, and measurement processes, reducing the need for user intervention.

This analyzer is capable of precisely measuring particles ranging from 0.02µm to 2000µm. The live display feature allows the users to monitor the measurement process in real-time, providing immediate feedback. Additionally, the device offers various data output options, including trend graphs, Tromp curves, Rosin Rammler fits, Phi plots, and tables.

The Malvern Scirocco 2000 is an automated dry powder dispersion unit that helps to accelerate air particles in the compressed air stream with the pressure range of 0-4 bar.

Features of the Malvern Mastersizer Hydro 2000MU Particle Analyser:

  • Measures the particle ranges from 0.02µm to 2000µm precisely.
  • Laser diffraction technique helps to measure the particle sizes.
  • Sample dispersion units automatically recognized, configured and enabled on insertion of measurement cell cassettes into sizer.
  • Fully automated with software driven control and data management for the easy access and data transfer .
  • Full validation documentation available including compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 for easy traceability of the design, production and functionality.
  • A unique software controlled Auto-align system maintains the perfect optimal alignment.
  • Dual-wavelength detection system increases the delivery of sub-micron resolution through Mastersizer 2000.

Download the Malvern Mastersizer Hydro 2000MU Particle Analyser Manual here

Download the 2000MU Particle Analyser Brochure here

 Check out the manual of Scirocco 2000

Additional information

Weight40 kg
Dimensions32 × 37.5 × 33.5 cm


30 days (Richmond Promise)




Hydro 2000MU


Download the 2000MU Particle Analyzer Manual here

Download the 2000MU Particle Analyzer Brochure here

 Check out the manual of Scirocco 2000

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