Bio-Rad Gel Doc XR+ Molecular Imager

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The Bio-Rad Gel Doc XR+ Molecular Imager is a high-resolution gel documentation module. It allows fast, easy quantitation of both gels and blots. It uses a CCD camera to capture images in real time. The Universal Hood II captures fluorescent images without using a photographic darkroom. The enclosure has built-in white epi-illumination and UV transillumination. For easy sample loading, the UV transilluminator is located in the drawer of the universal hood and can be accessed from the front of the enclosure. When not imaging, the lights in the darkroom enclosure turn off automatically.

The universal hood has touchpad buttons to perform various functions. You could also use Image Lab software to control all of these functions remotely. This would remove any requirement for manual control of the lens and lights. Running a protocol overrides any touchpad input. Image Lab Software can allow you to annotate and document images, analyse molecular weights, and determine accurate quantitation and purity of samples. Finally, you can print all your data in a report.

The Gel Doc XR+ has imaging applications in fluorescence, colorimetry or densitometry as well as gel documentation.

This Bio-Rad Gel Doc XR+ Molecular Imager comes with accessories as in the photos.
There’s a 9000X2 New Era Pump Systems Peristaltic Pump, Bio-Rad P/N 10016806 Rev A Focus Calibration Targets, BioRad White Light Conversion Screen 1708289, a BioRad UV-transparent gel tray, gel alignment template, the Gel Doc XR+ System Installation Guide & User Manual, accessories for calibration, a BioRad certificate of conformity as well as a pack of 10 electrosmart amps.


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Dimensions63 × 48 × 96 cm


Gel Doc XR+ Universal Hood II




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