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The Fumecare FC-20 is a basic fume cupboard, suitable for a wide range of applications where the user might be working with harmful gases, vapours or aerosols. Carbon and HEPA filters are available to suit most laboratory applications, and we can advise on the best option for your lab, if needed. See the filter selection chart in the manual below for more info. With a standalone fume cupboard, there is no need for expensive ducting due to the unit’s recirculating airflow.

The cupboard uses a BFC250 microprocesser control unit to monitor all cabinet safety parameters including airflow, containment and filter condition. Audio and visual alarms alert the operator whenever the conditions become unsafe. The control panel features a simple on/off switch with a green indicator lamp to indicate that the unit is switched on; fan control with up/down buttons to adjust speed; calibration control; main light on/off switch; alarm mute to momentarily silence any alarm; menu option for further functionality (airflow units, filter ID, alarm reminder, run time and data.

The fume cupboard features an internal light to illuminate the workspace, as well as acrylic front and side panels for all-round visibility. The acrylic construction, combined with stainless steel work surface make the fume cupboard easy to clean, reducing the risk of cross contamination.

FumeCare FC-20 Manual PDF

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FumeCare FC-20 Manual PDF

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