Arctiko ULUF 65 ULT Freezer

Temperature range -40 to -86 °C. Capacity: 57 L

Product Code

DAI 1418

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The Arctiko ULUF 65 ultra low temperature freezer is a 54 L compact ULT  with all the same features as the larger upright ULTs from the ULUF range. Designed for accurate and reliable storage between -40 to -86 °C, this laboratory freezer is ideal for a range of life science and biological applications. The small size of the ULUF 65 is achieved by utilising Arctiko’s single compressor technology, which is designed to reduce the number of mechanical components, eliminating excessive heat and noise. The freezer is easy to clean and maintain, with filterless technology. The insulated inner door optimises temperature recovery and stabilisation times, helping to safeguard contents. The temperature alarm can be customised by the user, to sound if the temperature within the unit deviates from the programmed temperature.

The G214 control panel is included on the ULUF 65 ULT as standard, offering visual and acoustic alarms for open door, temperature variations, probe failure and more. The 4.3″ LCD display can show detailed monitoring of the internal temperature, with integrated memory for 30 years, providing maximum reporting and accountability. The display supports multiple languages and three levels of password protection.

Features of the ULUF 65 ULT Freezer:

  • Temperature range: -40 to -86 °C
  • 54 L working capacity
  • Compact design to save valuable bench space.
  • Low noise level to minimise disruption.
  • Efficient single compressor technology reduces excessive heat generation.
  • Direct cooling for optimised temperature stability and uniformity – even with door being repeatedly opened and closed.
  • Heated door frame prevents ice building up around the gasket ensuring temperature stability within the freezer.
  • Easy and convenient access for storing samples- capacity for up to 3000 samples.
  • Filter less construction reduces maintenance time and costs.
  • 100 % HCFC and CFC free – ensuring the item is environmentally friendly.
  • Lock with key ensures samples remain safe.
  • LCD display with access to up to 30 years datalogging of probe data.
  • Optional CO2 backup system available (please enquire for pricing).


Download datasheet for Arctiko ULUF 65 ULT Freezer

Download user manual for Arctiko ULUF 65 ULT Freezer

Additional information

Weight99 kg
Dimensions69 × 81 × 103 cm






1 year (Manufacturer Warranty)

Temperature Range

-40 to – 86 °C


54 Litres


User manual for Arctiko ULUF 65 ULT Freezer

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