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Arctiko ULUF 65 ULT Freezer

Temperature range -40 to -86 °C. Capacity: 57 L

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DAI 1418


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Ultra-low temperature freezers have a wide application range for both biological and biotech storage. The freezers can be used in the medical field, life sciences, plastics, food or electronic components industry.  The ULUF -86°C series is the  perfect solution for any long-term storage application. The ULUF 65 has a single compressor system with direct cooling for higher temperature uniformity and excellent temperature stability. The direct cooling features evaporator coils in each shelf to cool each compartment directly for maximum uniformity and minimal recovery time .

The simple structure ensures easy maintenance, lower heat dissipation, low energy consumption and noise reduction for a pleasant work environment. Additionally, the ULUF 65 has a filter less construction that prevents dust from blocking airflow and reduces the unit’s ability to dissipate heat effectively, which minimises the need for maintenance procedures.

Features of the ULUF 65 ULT Freezer:

  • Temperature range: -40 to -86 °C
  • 57 L working capacity
  • Compact design to save valuable space.
  • Low noise level to minimise disruption.
  • Direct cooling for optimised temperature stability and uniformity – even with door being  constantly opened.
  • Heated door frame preventing ice building up around the gasket ensuring temperature stability within the freezer.
  • Easy and convenient access for storing samples- capacity for up to 3000 samples.
  • Filter less construction to prevent blockages to air flow.
  • Single compressor technology.
  • 100 % HCFC and CFC free – ensuring the item is environmentally friendly.
  • Lock with key provide to ensure samples kept safe.


Download user manual for Arctiko ULUF 65 ULT Freezer

Additional information

Weight99 kg
Dimensions69 × 81 × 103 cm






1 year (Manufacturer Warranty)

Temperature Range

-40 to – 86 °C


54 Litres


User manual for Arctiko ULUF 65 ULT Freezer

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