A&D GF-224A Series Analytical 4-Place Balance

Ex demo. This analytical balance displays mass to 0.0001 g, up to 220 g

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The A&D GF-224A Series Balance is suitable for use across a wide range of applications, including research and development, analysis and quality control. The balance is designed to be user-friendly, with the functionality to record robust and reliable results time and time again. Built in features protect the unit from accidental damage or unauthorised use, while the integrated data log provides a back up and tamper-free evidence of recent measurements, all of which can be easily transferred via USB which can be password protected, if needed.


Features of the A&D GF-224A Series Balance:

  • Balance displays mass to 0.0001 g, up to 220 g
  • Percent mode allows the user to easily measure the weight of a sample as a percentage of a 100 % reference mass.
  • Internal memory records weighing value, calibration result, multiple unit mass (mass per sample in counting mode)
  • Intuitive keypad operation for ease of use.
  • Simple bubble spirit level helps the user to ensure the balance is correctly positioned.
  • Two easy to use levelling feet are built into the side of the unit for easy adjustments, if necessary
  • Integrated self check function uses an electronically controlled load to evaluate performance
  • Impact Shock Detection (ISD) feature detects whether the mass sensor has experienced shock, and displays the level of impact.
  • Integrated clock and calendar allows stored data to be output alongside date and time.
  • Changes can only be made to the internal clock and calendar by an authorised user.
  • Optional password lock function limits who can use the balance, if required
  • Easy to calibrate using an external 50, 100 or 200 g weight.
  • Full instructions are provided in the included manual
  • Three year manufacturer warranty included


Download the GF-224A User Manual for complete technical specifications, and user guide

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3 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

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