Pol-Eko ZLN-UT 500 VIP Ultra-Low Freezer

482 L Chamber Capacity, Temperature Range: -86 to -50°C

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Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


Ultra-low freezers freeze biotechnological samples and other materials requiring very low temperatures for storage. The ZLN-UT 500 VIP freezer is designed for versatile applications such as biotechnology, pharmacy, and research. Fitted with your choice of Smart or Smart PRO touchscreen controller, the freezer offers complete control, allowing you to set customisable temperature programs, including ramp times. All events, including temperature changes, times the door was opened, and more are recorded automatically, and can easily be downloaded.

As with most Pol-Eko laboratory equipment, the ZLN-UT Freezer with VIP panels can be customised to meet the requirements of your lab. Choose between a Smart or Smart PRO controller (See full details below). To discuss further options available, talk to our team on 01257 270433.

Features of the Pol-Eko ZLN-UT 500 VIP:

  • Natural air convection
  • 352 boxes included with the dimension of 133 x 133 x 50 mm (option)
  • Two internal chambers
  • Solid door
  • Reaches lowest temperature in 210 minutes
  • Full colour touchscreen controller
  • Sound and visual alarm
  • LAN and USB ports for data transfer
  • Internal memory for programs and data storage
  • Option to add wheels or castors
  • Premium materials:
      • Interior: Acid-proof stainless steel meeting DIN 1.4301
      • Choose Smart or Smart PRO controller (See below)
      • Temperature protection class 2.0 when fitted with the Smart controller OR class 3.2 when fitted with the Smart PRO controller

Compare Smart vs Smart PRO Controllers

The ZLN-UT freezer comes equipped with your choice of Smart or Smart PRO controller, enabling intuitive real-time recording capabilities. Keep a complete record of the internal temperature, times that the door was opened/closed, and a real-time record of temperature programs for the best in record keeping and reporting. Data is presented as a table or chart, depending on your preference.

Spoilt for choice? Compare your options:

SmartSmart PRO
ControllerSmartSmart PRO
Temperature protection class23.2
InteriorAcid-Proof StainlessAcid-Proof Stainless
Account typesUser / Admin / Super admin
Program segments6100
ScheduleNo10 saved
NetworkLANLAN and WiFi

Pol-Eko Website

See full details of Pol-Eko ZLN-UT 500 Ultra-Low Freezer on their website

Additional information

Weight243 kg
Dimensions96 × 88 × 200 cm





Chamber Capacity

482 Liters

Working Capacity

352 Liters

Shelves (Standard | Max)

4, 4

Maximum Shelf Workload (kg) /2



Smart, Smart Pro

Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


See full details of Pol-Eko ZLN-UT 500 Ultra-Low Freezer on their website

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