Pol-Eko KK 500 FIT DS Climatic Chamber

470 L Chamber Capacity, Temperature Range: 0-60 °C, Relative Humidity Range: 30-90%

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Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


The Pol-Eko KK 500 FIT DS is a phytotron climate chamber, designed to carefully set and maintain a constant environment. The KK 500 FIT DS allows the user to accurately set the temperature and humidity within the chamber, as well as control and monitor the light intensity. The chamber is ideal for monitoring and controlling plant growth and proliferation, as well as being suitable for a wide range of biological applications. The chamber can be cooled or heated between 0 to +60°C with lighting +10 to +50°C, and is designed to remain stable and reliable over long periods.

Simulate day/night conditions easily with light intensity control. The KK 500 FIT DS chamber uses a Smart PRO controller, giving you easy control over the chamber conditions. Save multiple user-set temperature, humidity and light programmes, and easily download a full event log at the touch of a button. Light panels are made according to your specification, with a range of different wavelength LED options available. Add the unit to your quote, or call our sales team discuss the options you need. If you would prefer a unit without lighting, find the standard KK 500 climate chamber here.

We sell a wide range of Pol-Eko climatic chambers, with options for humidifier-type, lighting and chamber size. If you can’t see the option you are looking for, call our sales team on 01257 270 433 who will be happy to assist. Full options can be seen in the downloadable brochure below.

Features of the KK 500 FIT DS Environmental Chamber:

  • Temperature range: 0 to +60°C (with light off) or 0 to +50°C (with light on)
  • Chamber capacity: 470 L
  • Relative humidity range: 30 – 90%
  • Light options: Choose whether you would prefer white LED or multicolour LEDs (options for blue, white, red and deep red)
  • Light installation: Choose over-shelf (P), door (D), or side (S) configuration
  • Optional separate controls for each light module
  • Ultrasonic humidifier requires less energy than alternative steam humidifiers
  • Open door alarm helps to protect your samples from accidental spoilage
  • LAN and USB ports integrated into control unit, allowing you to download your data easily
  • 30 mm access port on the left wall allows for additional monitoring, if required
  • Automatic defrosting function protects your unit and ensures optimum energy usage
  • Shelves hold up to 20 kg each
  • Acid-proof stainless steel interior
  • Castors for easy positioning and movement
  • Forced air convection for even temperature and humidity distribution
  • Temperature protection class 3.3 to DIN 12880
  • Custom configuration available. See datasheet below, or call for more details

Smart PRO controller included:

  • Large 7″ full-colour touchscreen
  • LAN and USB ports
  • WiFi communication
  • Easily programmed multi-segment time and temperature programmes
  • Internal memory stores programmes
  • Visual and sound alarms
  • Password protected controls
  • Event registry for full reporting


Download the Pol-Eko Brochure (Climatic Chambers)

Download the Datasheet for the KK 500 FIT DS Climatic Chamber

Read more about Pol-Eko here

Click here for our full range of environmental chambers. We stock a range of cabinets, with options for size, temperature range, humidifier type and lighting options. For more information on which climatic chamber to choose for your application read our comparison guide here.

Additional information

Weight130 kg
Dimensions113 × 71 × 199 cm





Chamber Capacity

462 Litres

Working Capacity

386 Litres

Shelves (standard | max)

3, 11


230V 50-60Hz

Maximum Shelf Workload (kg) /2


Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)



Download the Pol-Eko Brochure (Climatic Chambers)

Download the Datasheet for the KK 500 FIT DS Climatic Chamber

Read more about Pol-Eko here


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