Ohaus Scout STX1202/STX2202 High Capacity 2-Place Portable Balance

Available with capacity options : 1200g and 2200g.

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The Ohaus Scout STX High-capacity Portable Balance accurately measures samples to 2 decimal places. The balances are useful for many applications such as: percent weighing, parts counting, dynamic/animal weighing, totalization, density determination, display hold and mole weighing .

The product has an intuitive LCD touch-screen for high accuracy and productivity, along with a Qwerty keyboard and numeric keypad, making it easy to input data. Data can be transferred to a USB device easily, or the balance can be connected to a PC using the RS-232 port on the rear of the unit.  The Portable Balance has a fast and efficient stabilisation time to save user time and increase productivity.

Features of the STX High Capacity Portable Balances:

  • Capacity options available: 1200g and 2200g.
  • Precision accuracy: to 2 decimal places.
  • Large, intuitive, full-colour, LCD touch-screen.
  • RS323 and USB ports, as well as Bluetooth, for connecting to PC or other devices.
  • Compact design – easily portable.
  • Integrated overload protection system at 10x capacity – for protecting the balance in demanding environments.
  • 17cm x 14cm Stainless Steel Pan.
  • Stability, overload and underload, indicators.
  • Menu lock switch and transportation lock.
  • Stackable design – making the balance easy to store.
  • ABS Housing.


Download user manual for Ohaus Scout STX Portable Balances

Additional information



STX 1202 and 2202




2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


1200g, 2200g


User manual for Ohaus Scout STX Portable Balances

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