Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Balance(PX85M/PX12DM/PX225DM)

Legally certified: Approved models use internal calibration with the capacity options of 82 g, 52/120 g (dual) or 82/220 g (dual).

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Lead time varies. Please call for details


The Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro balance(PX85M/PX12DM/PX225DM) ensures precise measurements to five decimal places. Featuring user-friendly elements like front quick-keys and a large LCD, it offers intuitive operation. The balance provides versatile connectivity with USB and RS-232 ports. Certified models boast automatic calibration, meeting legal trade standards.

Meanwhile, the Pioneer model stands out with internal calibration, saving user time. This unit focuses on accurate semi-micro weighing without complexity. An integrated ioniser bar minimises static for consistent, reliable results.

Features of the Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Balance(PX85M/PX12DM/PX225DM):

  • Capacity options: 82 g (5 dp), 52/120 g (dual), or 82/220 g (dual) – Choose from drop down menu above
  • Minimum weight: 8.2 mg
  • Precision: Dual range: 5 decimal places (0.01 mg) for fine range, 4 decimal places (0.01 mg) for full range. The 82 g capacity version gives 5 decimal place precision across the full range.
  • Class I certified models for legal trade.
  • Static removal bar integrated into frame
  • RS-232 and USB ports on rear of balance for connecting to PC, transferring data, or connecting to other equipment, such as a printer
  • 8 cm stainless steel pan
  • See datasheet below for full technical specifications

What does “dual range” mean?

A dual-range balance offers ‘full range’ or ‘fine range’ settings. ‘Full range’ displays lower precision, measuring 120g (52/120) or 220g (82/220) to 4 decimal places (0.01mg). ‘Fine range’ has smaller capacity, measured to 5 decimal places. It’s ideal for smaller samples but has higher precision. ‘Full range’ measurements are quicker than ‘fine range,’ providing flexibility in the lab.

Useful Links:

Download Pioneer Datasheet

Download User Manual for Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Balance

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions38.7 × 50.7 × 53.1 cm


PX125DM, PX225DM, PX85M



Capacity (g)

82, 52/120, 82/220


5 decimal places (fine range) / 4 decimal places (full range)

Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Download Pioneer Datasheet

Download User Manual for Ohaus Pioneer Semi-Micro Balance

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