Ohaus Incubating Waving Shaker(ISWV02HDG)

This space saving benchtop waving shaker, featuring a 2.3 kg capacity, operates within the temperature range of ambient +5°C – 65°C.

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The Ohaus Incubating Waving Shaker(ISWV02HDG) performs a waving motion within a range of 0-20°, resembling a 3-D wave motion and has a 2.3 kg capacity, ensuring precise and dependable results. This digital rocking shaker provides a speed range of 1-30 rpm with an accuracy of ± 1 rpm. Featuring intuitive touchpad controls and safety features including spill-resistant design, overload protection with audio/visual alarm, and a caution hot indicator for user and sample protection, this equipment is suitable for various laboratory settings.

The Waving Shaker employs a stepper motor to achieve controlled and consistent waving motion within the 0-20° angle range, accompanied by an aluminium tray measuring 23.5 *18.4 cm. Precision is ensured with user-controlled temperature calibration and digital speed control for reliability.

Features of the Ohaus Incubating Waving Shaker(ISWV02HDG):

  • Speed adjustable from 1-20 rpm.
  • Waving: 0-20°.
  • Capacity : 2.3 kg.
  • Temperature range : Ambient +5 to 65°C.
  • Timer : 1 second – 160 hours.
  • The LED displays allow simultaneous viewing of temperature, speed, and time settings for user convenience.
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty.
  • Full technical specifications on datasheet below.


Useful links:

Data Sheet of Incubating Waving Shaker

Manual of Incubating Waving Shaker

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Additional information

Weight6.2 kg
Dimensions27.3 × 19.7 × 86 cm






2.3 kg

Motion & Tilt Angle

Waving & 0 – 20°

Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Data Sheet of Incubating Waving Shaker

Manual of Incubating Waving Shaker

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