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A&D SE-60KAM Washdown Scale

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A&D SE-60KAM Washdown Scale

The A&D SE-60KAM is a platform scale with dust-tight and water-tight construction. Water will not enter the scale, even if immersed to a depth of 1m for 24 hours.

This item is a display model, received directly from A&D, and so has never seen previous laboratory use.


The weighing platform is made of steel and the weighing pan is made of stainless steel.
As a power source, size D batteries are used. The battery life, when Alkaline batteries are used, is approximately 5,000 hours.
A large LCD with a character height of 39 mm.
Two types of weight display resolution are available, normal (1/3,000) and high (1/6,000 or 1/7,500).
The counting function easily counts the number of objects of the same weight.
The comparator function compares the displayed value (weight value) with the upper and lower limit values and shows the results.

For further technical specifications please refer to the manual:

See Manual Here

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3 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


See Manual Here

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