What is an Autoclave?

Laboratory Autoclaves are used in a wide variety of laboratory settings. Where there is a need for a high pressure or temperature to sterilise equipment, cure materials or other chemical process an autoclave may be used. 

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Using autoclaves for sterilisation

Medical Instruments should be decontaminated before they can be sterilised. Instruments should be cleaned immediately after use in a specialised decontamination area, separate from the surface they were used. It’s important to run the instruments under pressurised water, this ensures that no debris will be left on them, compromising the sterilisation process.

Using Controls

It’s a good idea to run a biological control in your autoclave between sets of uses. Simply put a sample in the autoclave containing biological material and test it after use to observe if the autoclave was able to kill these cells as expected. Compare with a control left at room temperature to ensure an extenuating factor like contamination in the sample vial itself isn’t the cause of the results seen in the test sample after autoclaving.

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