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The Collin 110 E Roll Mill is an essential tool for processing of plastics and elastomers. This versatile roll mill is suitable for small batch testing, routine works, and quality control. It is designed to handle both thermoplastics and elastomers. The 110E model is particularly robust, thanks to its powerful drives which make it suitable for processing tougher materials. The roll mill is engineered for a range of applications including mixing, plasticising, kneading, and forming plastics. Its user-friendly design features manual gap adjustment, ensuring practical handling and straightforward operation.

The roll mill is controlled using an SCD 15 controller, with straightforward controls and a bright backlit display. This provides flexibility to suit a wide range of applications. Structurally, the roll mill is built for durability and ease of use. The drive and roll units are mounted on a welded frame. Meanwhile the control cabinets with all electrical switchgear are installed laterally for convenient access. Each of the two rolls is powered by independent, frequency-controlled AC drives, ensuring optimal control of variable speed and friction. Torque is transmitted efficiently through a downstream spur gear speed reduction mechanism and a multiple chain drive.

Features of the Collin Roll Mill 110 E:

  • SCD 15 Controller
  • Roll diameter x roller width: 11 x 35 cm
  • Operating width: 26.5 cm
  • Roll temperature: 20 – 270 °C
  • E gap fine adjustment: 0.15 – 3 mm
  • Speed: 3 – 36 1/min
  • Nip width: 0.1 – 5 mm


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Weight550 kg
Dimensions1700 × 600 × 1300 cm


110 E



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