Ceti Microscope

Includes 3x optical zoom camera with a digital USB connection.

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The Ceti microscope includes a 3x optical zoom camera with a digital USB connection, as well as user friendly image analysis software. The Microscope provides high quality, wide field of view images, a wide zoom range and a robust design making it ideal for most labs needs.

An integrated frame grabber converts analogue signals into digital signals, with real time image transmission through the internet, allowing for detailed analysis of samples. The diamond shaped base allows the users hands to be rested on the base, providing the necessary support for delicate operation of the sample during examination. Additionally, the binocular head is inclined at a 45° angle for optimum comfort.

Features of the CETI Microscope:

  • High performance 3x optical zoom camera.
  • Diamond shaped base for easy of use and comfort.
  • Integrated frame grabber to convert analogue signals into digital signals.
  • Binocular head inclined at a 45° angle.
  • User friendly image analysis software.
  • Real time image transmission.
  • W10x/20 eyepiece lenses for wide field of view.
  • A photo port to allow connection of a digital camera.
  • Plug and Play connection with simple USB plug.
  • Dual LED illumination.
  • Up to 27 frames per second.

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Dimensions32 × 28 × 52 cm




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