Thermo Scientific Trace GC Ultra with Trace DSQ

Multi-channel gas chromatograph with DSQ mass spectrometer.

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The Thermo Scientific TRACE GC Ultra multi-channel gas chromatograph was developed for the evolving requirements of modern laboratories. With the most complete range of proprietary inlets, sensitive detection systems, smart accessories, and ancillary devices, the Ultra platform features unique technologies that raise the standards of speed, sensitivity and separation in gas chromatography.

Featuring a linear heating rate of up to 1200°C per minute, the TRACE GC Ultra is able to dramatically decrease sample run times in a wide range of GC applications from crude oils, pesticides and hydrocarbons determination, to drug screening and food and flavours characterization. Combined with conventional GC or MS detectors, this technique enormously increases lab productivity without compromising analytical resolution, precision or reliability.

Features of the Thermo TRACE GC Ultra:

  • Linear heating rate of up to 1200°C/min
  • High temperature programming up to 20°C/s
  • Fast cooling times of approx. 1 min.
  • Column oven max. temperature: 450°C
  • Precise retention time control
  • Range of large volume techniques overcomes sensitivity boundaries of conventional GC
  • HOT Cold On-Column Injector injects up to 250 µL with Large Volume On-column injection
  • Split/Splitless injector minimizes heavy component discrimination with optimized sample transfer to the column
  • Digital interface to control the GC parameters, settings, and configuration options

Features of the Thermo TRACE DSQ:

  • Fast Scanning at 10,000 amu/sec.
  • Simultaneous SIM and Full-Scan Data Acquisition
  • Removable Ion Volumes and Pre-filter
  • Mass Range: 1 – 1050 amu
  • Curved pre-filter for noise reduction
  • ± 10 kV conversion dynode for better performance
  • Wide spectral/quantitative dynamic range
  • Combination ion volume for automated EI/CI operation
  • Powerful Xcalibur data system


See the TRACE GC ULTRA Brochure Here

See the User Manual Here

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Dimensions85 × 108 × 44 cm


K0223B720000010, Trace DSQ



Linear Heating Rate

Up to 1200°C/min

Maximum Temperature (column oven)


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Available now


See the TRACE GC ULTRA Brochure Here

See the User Manual Here

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