Sorvall RC12BP Large Capacity Floor Centrifuge

Low speed, high capacity (12 Litres) floor centrifuge.

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The Sorvall RC12BP is a low-speed, large capacity floor centrifuge offers a complete processing system for high-throughput, large volume blood banking and bioprocessing applications. The Sorvall H-12000 rotor enables high productivity as up to 12 blood bags with 500ml each can be processed, with speeds up to 4500 rpm.

The floor centrifuge is easy to use with menu-driven controls and a storage and recall function for up to 15 protocols, making the centrifuge processes quick to set up.

Features of the Sorvall RC12BP Centrifuge:

  • H-12000 Swing-out Bucket Rotor: process up to 12 litres per run.
  • Large Capacity and Low speed (up to 4500 Rpm).
  • Automatic Reproducibility.
  • Choice of 10 acceleration and deceleration rates using the slow start/stop features.
  • Customise runs for minimal sample resuspension, cleaner interfaces and maximized product yields.
  • Easy to use operator interface with menu-driven controls.
  • Storage and recall function for up to 15 protocols.
  • Quiet performance with minimal heat output – convenient for laboratory placement.
  • Useful for a variety of blood banking and bioprocessing applications and accommodates a broad range of blood bags, tubes, and bottles.
  • Set the maximum/minimum sample temperature for each run.


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Additional information

Weight500 kg
Dimensions110 × 83 × 110 cm






30 days (Richmond Promise)


Up to 12 Litres


Brochure for Sorvall RC12BP Floor Centrifuges

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