SMEG Professional Line GW3060S Glassware Washer

Highly customisable laboratory glassware washer.

Washing up to 95°C, with a chamber capacity of 168 litres.

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The GW series of SMEG Professional Line Glassware Washers combines state-of-the-art technology and design that is totally reliable and it guarantees the highest level of performance in compliance with the sector standards. To ensure a perfect wash, Smeg offers not only cutting-edge glassware washers but also specific programs, detergents and demineralisers or water softeners purposely designed to achieve this goal. All the parameters of the washing cycle are designed with utmost care to ensure high quality results.

The SMEG laboratory glassware washers are highly customisable, with the option to add an additional booster pump for non-pressure demineralised water and/or a high efficiency steam condenser Ecoslim. There is also the option of a wide range of accessories and trolleys, purposely designed for each specific washing requirement and in some cases designed and manufactured specifically for the user. To find out more about customising your own laboratory glassware washer, contact us on 01257 270433 to discuss your requirements.

Features of the GW3060S :

  • Washing up to 95°C – antibacterial thermal disinfection
  • Wash Chamber Capacity: 168 Litres
  • Programs: 20 default + 10 custom
  • 124 x 64 pixel graphic display
  • n. 3 microprocessor programmable electronic control
  • Active thermodynamic drying
  • Peristaltic pump for liquid detergent and liquid neutraliser
  • Washing chamber and inner door made of AISI 316L stainless steel
  • n.2 independent washing levels through telescopic guides
  • Incorporated water softener with salt sensor
  • Cold, hot and demineralised water connections
  • Electronic door lock system for user safety
  • Serial port RS232 for connection to external printer or PC
  • Accessory options:
  • GW3060SA – Booster pump for non-pressurised demineralised water
  • GW3060SC – High efficiency steam condenser Ecolism, with cold water injector
  • GW3060P – Peristaltic pump for caustic soda solution and anti-foam additive, and spare parts kit for petrol
  • Additional peristaltic pumps (up to 2), racks, trays, trolleys, flasks, spray arms available
  • For more info on accessories contact us on 01257 270433 to discuss your requirements.



SMEG Glassware Washer Brochure


Additional information

Weight86 kg
Dimensions60 × 64 × 85 cm





Wash Chamber Capacity

168 Litres

Internal Working Dimensions

53 x 51 x 62 cm

Temperature Range

from room temperature up to 95°C




SMEG Glassware Washer Brochure

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