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Pol-Eko KK 700 Climatic Chamber

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Pol-Eko KK 700 Climatic Chamber

Climatic chambers with ultrasonic humidifier are professional and reliable equipment to guarantee stable and precise conditions. The max temperature of 60°C allows to use them for seed germination, fungus and plant growing or food tests. Perfect climatic conditions allow stability tests of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, as well as packaging and electronics.


Growth of plants and fungus
Seeds germination
Microorganisms and insects breeding
Photostability tests
Food preservation tests
Any kind of research that requires a stable temperature and humidity environment (optionally light)
Tests of building materials

Technical Specifications:

Air Convection: Forced
Chamber Capacity: 600L
Working Capacity: 485L
Temperature Range: 0 to +60
Relative Humidity Range: 30 to 90%

For further technical specifications please refer to the links below.

Pol-Eko Website.

KK 700 SMART PRO Data Sheet.

Additional information

Dimensions1070 × 73 × 19.9 cm



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