Ohaus Adventurer Analytical 2-Place Balance

Capacity options: 1520, 2200, 4200, 5200 or 6200 g, precision to 2 decimal places (10 mg) (3 and 4 decimal place version also available)

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Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


The Ohaus Adventurer Analytical balance is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, without compromising on quality and accuracy. This is a high capacity range of balances with a colour touchscreen display showing results to 2 decimal places, and two front USB ports for easy data recording.

Features of the Ohaus Adventurer Analytical Balance:

  • Capacity options: 2200, 4200, 5200 or 6200g (Choose from drop down menu above)
  • Precision: 2 decimal places (10 mg) (3 and 4 decimal place version also available)
  • Optional: AutoCal internal calibration to save time
  • External calibration models available, if preferred
  • Colour touchscreen display / control unit
  • Easy to use icon based user interface
  • Front USB port is easily accessible for data transfer
  • Second rear USB port is convenient for connecting to PC or additional equipment, such as a printer
  • Clone balance settings to use across multiple units, if required
  • Durable construction, and easy to clean
  • Integrated real-time clock
  • 17.5 x 19.5 cm stainless steel pan
  • Quick 3 second stabilisation time allows many measurements to be taken quickly
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty
  • Full technical specifications available on the datasheet below


Additional information

Weight4.6 kg
Dimensions55.7 × 39.2 × 30.1 cm




Adventurer Precision

Capacity (g)

2200, 4200, 5200, 6200



Lead Time

Lead time: Usually 6-8 weeks


2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)


Technical specifications available on this Datasheet

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