Jenway Genova 7206 Bio Life Science Spectrophotometer

With a photodiode array detector, the 7206 can measure the entire wavelength range simultaneously with a scan time as short as 3 seconds.

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The Jenway Genova 7206 Spectrophotometer can measure the entire wavelength range simultaneously with a scan time as short as 3 seconds. The spectrophotometer has a compact design meaning it takes up little bench space, whilst the large digital touch screen is easy to read and navigate, ensuring the instrument is user-friendly.

The Jenway Genova 7206 features multiple measurement modes such as photometrics, optical density (at 600nm), quantitation, concentration, spectrum scanning and kinetics. The orientation of the detector shields it from stray light, meaning that measurements can take place with the lid open and errors in results are decreased.

Features of the Jenway Genova 7206:

  • Simultaneous measurement of all wavelengths
  • Wavelength Range: 198 to 800nm
  • Wavelength Repeatability: ±2
  • Narrow spectral bandwidth of 3nm identifies peaks for determining nucleic acid purity
  • Diode array technology speeds up spectral data acquisition
  • Multiple measurement modes
  • Digital touchscreen that is easy to read and navigate
  • Preprogramed DNA, RNA and protein analysis
  • Detector orientation shields array from stray light
  • USB port for connecting to a printer and flash drives
  • No software provided


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Weight2.7 kg
Dimensions45 × 21 × 12 cm






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See the Specifications Sheet Here

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