Centurion K241R Refrigerated Centrifuge with Swing-Out Rotor

Refrigerated centrifuge with rotor included

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The Centurion K241R is a high speed refrigerated benchtop centrifuge with a maximum speed of 15,000rpm/22,000Rcf (g). This centrifuge includes a BRK5510 swing out rotor, along with 250ml buckets and inserts for smaller tubes. If you wish, you can use the centrifuge with other Centurion rotors (available from the manufacturer) allowing you to broaden your range of sample types. In addition, the centrifuge features automatic rotor recognition for ease of use and accuracy.

The centrifuge is operated using an intuitive touchscreen control panel, which displays all relevant parameters in a bright easy-to-view format. Easily program the centrifuge with an integrated timer to automatically switch off when the run finishes. Variable acceleration and deceleration rates offer complete control over the centrifugation of your samples.

Features of the Centurion K241R Refrigerated Centrifuge:

  • Includes BRK5510 swing-out rotor, 250ml buckets, four 7 x 15ml inserts and four 10 x 1.6-5ml inserts
  • Max speed (with provided rotor): 4000 RPM
  • Centrifuge is capable of 15,000 RPM, if using a different rotor
  • Bright backlit touchscreen control panel with large parameter display
  • 108 programme memory to save time and reduce the chance of errors
  • 10 acceleration programmes & 10 deceleration programmes
  • 0-9999 minute integrated timer
  • Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 450 x 635 x 315
  • Weight (without rotor) (kg): 62
  • Temperature range (°C): -9 to +40°C


Download: Centurion K241R Refrigerated Centrifuge Datasheet

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