Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven

The 66L Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven features fan convection for even heat distribution and offers precise temperature control with a maximum of 300°C.

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The Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven incorporates advanced features designed to enhance performance and efficiency. It utilises fan convection to ensure even distribution of heat throughout the chamber, optimizing the cooking or heating process. With a maximum operating temperature of 300°C and a minimum temperature of ambient +30°C, the oven accommodates a wide range of temperature requirements for various applications.

Temperature stability is maintained at ±0.2°C, guaranteeing precise control over the internal environment. Additionally, temperature uniformity within ±5.0°C ensures consistent results across the entire cooking or heating area. The oven is equipped with an R38 Digital PID Temperature Controller, which enables accurate adjustment and monitoring of temperatures according to specific needs.

Constructed with a durable stainless steel interior, the oven offers excellent chemical resistance, making it suitable for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications. It features a spacious 66-litre capacity and includes 2 nickel-chrome plated wire shelves for flexible arrangement of items. The latch lever door incorporates an airtight silicone seal to maintain internal conditions and prevent heat loss.

Features of the Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven

  • Fan Convection
  • Benchtop Design
  • Maximum Temperature 300°C
  • Minimum Temperature Ambient +30°C
  • Temperature Stability ±0.2°C
  • Temperature Uniformity ± 5.0°C
  • R38 Digital PID Temperature Controller
  • Heat-Up Time 36 mins
  • Recovery Time 4 mins
  • Air Changes 21/h
  • Stainless Steel Interior
    • Chemically Resistant
  • Capacity 66L
  • 2 Nickel-Chrome Plated Wire Shelves
  • Latch Lever Door
  • Airtight Silicone Seal
  • Digital Display
  • Internal Dimensions (W x D x H) 39 x 42 x 40 cm
  • External Dimensions (W x D x H) 76.5 x 57 x 57 cm
  • Complies with  BS EN 61010-2-010:2003


Manual for the Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven

Data Sheet for the Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven

Additional information

Weight45 kg
Dimensions57 × 76.5 × 57 cm






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Manual for the Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven

Data Sheet for the Carbolite PF60 Benchtop Oven


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