PG Instruments T112+ Double Monochromator UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

Incorporating dual monochromator technology making it well suited to even the most demanding of applications in all areas of UV-Visible Spectroscopy.

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The T112+ Series Spectrophotometer incorporates dual monochromator technology making it well suited to even the most demanding of applications in all areas of UV-Visible Spectroscopy including:

  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Material Science
  • Food Safety
  • Biotechnology
  • Research

Wireless instrument control and data acquisition can be achieved from a Table PC using Wi-Fi technology allowing the analyst to move freely around the laboratory whilst also keeping track of sample measurements. The T112+ is fully controlled via a GLP Version of UV-Win Software.

The Optical Design for the T112+ gives extremely low stray light characteristics (0.00004% T NaI, 220 nm) which gives the instrument a very Large Photometric Range of -8.0 to +8.0Abs units. Measurements at deep ultra-violet wavelengths can also be achieved with use of Nitrogen purged optics.

The instrument can be optically configured to suit the needs of the sample by means of a continually adjustable slit for precise control of spectral resolution and beam size adjustment by means of an attenuating wheel. Precise wavelength accuracy is ensured by an integrated Mercury Emission Lamp used for automatic correction of spectral wavelength deviation.

Features of the T112+ Spectrophotometer:

  • Both 60mm and 150mm Integrating Sphere for Diffuse reflectance measurements.
  • Absolute, and Specula reflectance measurements accessories.
  • Polarizing Optics
  • Thermostatic Cell Holders for temperature control.
  • Various long and short path length cell holders.
  • Automated cell changers for both sample and reference beams.
  • Tablet dissolution accessory for pharmaceutical Quality Control

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Additional information

Dimensions49 × 37 × 21 cm




1 year (Manufacturer Warranty)


Download Brochure for T112+ Spectrophotometer

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