Ohaus Explorer EX-Series 5-Place Balance

Capacity: 120 g or 220 g, with options for full or dual range with 0.01 mg readability

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The Explorer semi-micro electronic balance from Ohaus is accurate to 0.01 mg, making it ideal for sensitive applications which require reliable and repeatable measurements. The balance features Ohaus’ signature AutoCal internal calibration system, which ensures the balance is always ready for use.

The large colour touchscreen display terminal is detachable, meaning it can be mounted in a convenient location of the user, whether remotely on a bench, or on the wall at eye-level. The unit is equipped with an internal database, which can be used to store application and system data. The event log can easily be exported as a pdf, and saved onto a USB, making record keeping easy and accurate.

Features of the Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balance

  • Two dual capacity options available: 120/220 provides 5dp precision to 120, or 4dp precision to 220 g; or 55/120 provides 5dp precision to 55 g, or 4 dp precision to 120 g
  • AutoCal internal calibration automatically calibrates the balance when it senses a temperature change that can affect weighing accuracy
  • Easily download the event log, with readings and time, as well as any changes that have been made to the calibration or settings. The un-editable system log, and password protected settings, make the balance ideal for highly regulated applications
  • USB port allows the user to download data directly to a USB drive
  • User management system allows up to 110 users, with optional password protection, and varying access rights to the balance.
  • Colour touchscreen display unit
  • The display unit is modular, offering flexibility to mount the display above the balance, to a wall, or use it remotely on the counter top. This also helps to maximise the available bench space, and potentially fit the balance into smaller spaces or narrow worktops
  • Level assist visual aid guides users during the levelling process
  • 24 month manufacturer warranty
  • Full technical specifications, and optional accessories, can be found on the datasheet below. Add an optional label printer for efficient sample labelling and record keeping, ioniser for absolute accuracy, density measurement kit, or dust covers. Just speak to a member of our team about your requirements.
  • Optional: Automatic door opening reduces chance of cross contamination, or contamination of the weighing pan; built-in ioniser reduces disturbances due to static
  • Optional: EC type market approval for trade use. Please check datasheet for details

Useful downloads

Download datasheet for Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balance

Download user manual for Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balance

Additional information

Weight7 kg
Dimensions39.3 × 23 × 35 cm






2 years (Manufacturer Warranty)

Capacity (g)

55/120 (Dual), 120/220 (Dual)

Automatic door and ioniser

Yes, No

Lead Time

Lead time varies. Please call for details


Datasheet for Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balance

User manual for Ohaus Explorer Semi-Micro Balance

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