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Waters Alliance 2695 Separation & 2487 Detector HPLC System

Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module Connected to a Waters Alliance Column Heater and Waters Alliance 2487 Dual Absorption UV/Vis Detector for HPLC Applications.

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Waters Alliance HPLC System comprised of: Waters 2695 Separation Module, Waters 2487 Detector Module and Waters Alliance Column Heater.

Waters Alliance HPLC System 2695 Separations Module

The Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module for in-vitro diagnostic testing to analyse many compounds, including both diagnostic indicators and therapeutically monitored compounds. The Separations Module is an integrated solvent and sample management platform. This integration of two traditional high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) components — both a solvent management system and a sample management system — streamlines all critical separations functions.

This 2695 Separations Module from the Waters Separation & Detector HPLC System supports RS-232, IEEE-488, as well as I/O connections for compatibility with a variety of HPLC system configurations.

The Separations Module can function as:

  • The source of both I/O and timing signals in a simple, stand-alone HPLC system
  • The IEEE-488 system controller in a stand-alone HPLC system using a Waters 2410 or 410 Refractive Index Detector and/or a Waters 2487 Dual Wavelength or Wasters 486 Tunable Absorbance Detector
  • A component of an HPLC system controlled by the Millennium®32 Chromatography Manager, the Micromass® MassLynx™ software, or a data system using RS-232 communications

The Waters Separation Module controls:

  • Method programming
  • Solvent composition
  • Flow rate
  • Plunger seal wash flow
  • Needle-wash flow
  • Sample injection
  • Inline degassing
  • External events
  • Operation of detectors over the IEEE-488 interface bus
  • Column heating


  • Provides quaternary solvent
  • high-performance solvent delivery
  • integral helium sparge for solvent conditioning
  • integral plunger seal-wash system
  • 120-vial capacity sample management system
  • liquid-crystal display
  • keyboard user interface
  • floppy disk drive (Please note: A USB adapted floppy disk reader is also available for purchase upon request)

See Separations Module Manual Here


Waters Alliance HPLC System 2487 Dual Absorption UV/Vis Detector

The Waters 2487 Dual λ Absorbance Detector (Figure 1-1) is a two-channel, tunable, ultraviolet/visible (UV/Vis) detector designed for high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) applications.

The Waters 2487 Dual λ Absorbance Detector operates from 190 to 700 nm. The 2487 Detector uses optics as well as an enhanced illumination system for improved performance. These design features increase both the optical throughput and sensitivity, and reduce bandwidth. This results in an overall increase in signal-to-noise ratio and improved linearity.

The Waters 2487 Detector has the following capabilities:

  • Stand-alone programmability – Stores up to 10 user-defined programs (or methods) consisting of up to 16 programmable timed events as well as 2 threshold events each.
  • Single or dual wavelength – Monitors absorbance at one or two discrete wavelengths.
  • Wavelength verification reference – Ensures wavelength accuracy.
  • Automatic second order filter – Automatically engaged for wavelengths 370 nm and greater and removed for wavelengths 369 nm or less.
  • Spectrum scan and storage – Supports spectrum scan, display, subtraction, storage, and playback, in addition to standard tuneable absorbance and UV/Vis functionality.
  • Cuvette qualification – Facilitates qualification of the detector by insertion of a standard in a cuvette without breaking any fluidic connections. Waters qualification kits are available in cuvette form to support this feature. This feature also allows you to use the 2487 Detector as a benchtop spectrophotometer.
  • Cuvette sample analysis – Allows the spectrum of any sample placed in the cuvette to be recorded.
  • Method editing and storage – Supports basic method programming, storage, as well as retrieval from the front panel.
  • Full diagnostic capability – Supports built-in diagnostic tools to optimize both functionality and performance.
  • Backward compatibility – Operates as a 486 Detector with PowerLine, Millennium32 software versions lower than 3.0, and other Waters products connected via the LAC/E™ interface using the IEEE-488 bus.
  • Two contact closure outputs – The 2487 Detector has two configurable switches, both of which can accommodate a maximum of +30 Vdc, 1.2 A current carry, and 0.5 A current switching. The switches (SW1 and SW2) can trigger fraction collectors and other external devices, as well as activate based on time, absorbance threshold, or ratio criteria.

See Detector Module Manual Here


Waters Alliance Column Heater

This HPLC System’s Waters Column Heater is a forced air convection heater. When the temperature is set at the separations module, a command is sent to a column heater CPU board that controls the temperature by turning the heater element on and off to achieve the desired column temperature.

See Column Heater Manual Here

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Weight58.5 kg
Dimensions108.7 × 64.8 × 57.1 cm


2487 Detector Module, 2695 Separations Module




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