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Walker Gen 3 Class II Recirculating Safety Cabinet

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The Gen 3 from Walker is a Class II Recirculating Safety Cabinet. It has been cleared and checked by our engineers. The stainless steel base has been cleaned, as has the airflow passage. All fans are functional, as are the lights and sockets.

This Walker Gen 3 Class II features lights that highlight when something is wrong within the cabinet and what processes are currently under way. Highlighting when the inflow or downflow of air is safe or unsafe as well as when the door is open. An alarm will also go off in the event that the cabinet function becomes unsafe, to alert everyone in the vicinity for their own protection. This can be easily muted at the touch of a clearly labelled button.

Operation of the Walker Gen 3 Class II is restricted to people with the correct authority by the set of two keys included that control the operation, making this cabinet ideal for not just labs but schools as well. Function can be switched between normal, off or fumigation; this function takes several steps but it’s progress is shown by lights to indicate how far along this process is.

Within the cabinet is a removable stainless steel base for ease of cleaning.  It also features a tap on the left and a socket towards the rear on the right.

Note: Filters and Stand not included.

Additional information

Weight200 kg
Dimensions74 × 100 × 140 cm




Gen 3


Item powers on and has been checked and cleared by an engineer. Does not have filters needed for a more thorough test.

Internal Dimensions (HxWxD)

60cm x 90cm x 57cm

Electrical Requirements

240V, 50Hz, 0.9kw


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