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VWR VisiScope IT 405 H Inverted Microscope

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This VWR Visiscope IT 405 H is an inverted microscope for phase contrast observation. It comes with three IOS plan achromatic phase contrast objectives 10x, 20x as well as 40x.

Every control is easy to reach and every component intends to allow smooth operation as well as ease of use in mind. Both focusing and specimen movement controls allow the wrists to rest on the bench. Light intensity adjustment is very close to the focusing knobs. The specimen stage is fit with a special glass insert. This allows you to see the objectives for immediate identification of the magnification set-up.

Plan achromatic, infinity corrected optics, bright P-LED8 illuminator, phase contrast set, holders for specimen slides, flasks, Petri dishes as well as trinocular head for photo/video applications. These are the features of these models a powerful, complete and innovative instrument, designed to set a reference standard for routine and advanced tissue culture.

The 22 mm extra widefield optics are pleasant to use minimising operator stress. The special eyepieces are even comfortable for eyeglass wearers. Long working distance condenser, numerical aperture 0,30, working distance 72 mm. You can remove the condenser in order to increase the working distance to 150 m.

All included and in the right place – this is the philosophy underlying this instrument. The VWR Visiscope IT 405 H inverted microscope has three IOS plan achromatic phase contrast objectives (10x, 20x as well as 40x).

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Weight9 kg
Dimensions23 × 57 × 49.5 cm






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Observation Modes

Brightfield, phase contrast

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