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Varian ProStar 701 Fraction Collector

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The Varian ProStar 701 X-Y Fraction Collector has easy-to-use, interactive programming. Microprocessor control and advanced software allow you to quickly program the ProStar for almost any collection scheme.


  • Basic collection of uniform fractions with fraction sizes set by time, drop count or volume.
  • Peaks may be detected by: slope (rate of change in detector output) threshold level sensing time windows time windows and/or slope time windows and/or level slope and level sensing time windows and/or slope and level sensing
  • Automated repetition of the collection program each time the ProStar receives a restart signal from an autoinjector or other controller.
  • Diversion of initial void volume or waste, using either the built-in waste funnel, or optional 3-way valve.
  • The Varian ProStar 701 Fraction Collector is capable of communicating serially using the Varian Star Workstation.
  • A selectable drop-wait feature, which waits for the next drop before advancing, is available in time and volume collection modes.

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ProStar 701




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