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UVP CL-1000M Midrange Ultraviolet Crosslinker

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UVP CL-1000M Midrange Ultraviolet Crosslinker
UV crosslinking, for attaching nucleic acids to a membrane for example, takes seconds as compared to oven baking.

The UVP crosslinker provides researchers with an instrument that can quickly, safely, and effectively expose samples to controlled amounts of ultraviolet radiation.

The crosslinkers are designed to measure and control the ultraviolet (UV) radiation within the exposure chamber. A unique UV sensor continually measures the UV energy and automatically adjusts to variations in UV intensity that occurs as the UV tubes age.

This item was removed from a laboratory as surplus to requirements.

Technical Specifications:

  • UV Source: 302nm
  • Factory Preset UV Exposure: 120,000 microjules or two minutes of exposure
  • Maximum UV Energy Setting: 999,900 microjules per cm2

For further technical specifications please refer to the manual.

See Manual Here

See Brochure Here

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Weight8 kg
Dimensions37 × 40 × 22 cm



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