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UVItec Crosslinker
The UVITec crosslinker is a convenient tool for delivering controlled amounts of ultraviolet irradiation.

Ideal for:

  • crosslinking DNA and oligonucleotides to glass slides for microarrays
  • crosslinking nucleic acids to membranes for colony hybridization, Southern blotting and Northern blotting.

One of the main benefits of this unit is its size. It is a small, fully enclosed system that allows UV exposure to the nucleic acid and solid support without the need for a darkroom. Of course, the machine also accurately determines the energy applied using a photocell-based feedback mechanism. This is difficult or impossible using a standard UV transilluminator (the energy output from UV emission tubes decreases with age). The energy output is controllable by setting the irradiation time (minutes) or energy output (joules).

The door of this unit has a safety interlock to prevent accidental UV exposure to the people operating the unit. The unit also has a viewing window which is transparent, but protected from UV light. This means that the solid support can be observed during irradiation, unlike many other brands of crosslinkers. We have found this feature useful for membranes that are likely to dry out or curl.

Technical Specifications:

UV Wavelength: 254nm, 312nm or 365nm

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